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What is “Therapeutic Yoga”? Isn’t all yoga therapeutic?

Many people want to know more about the Therapeutic Yoga that we are teaching at Therapeutic Yoga Studio. 

Yoga is by nature very therapeutic practice; therefore,  all yoga could be considered therapy. 

For example a stressed person may find stillness very therapeutic and a depressed person may find movement therapeutic-both are therapy for that individual person. We have both relaxing therapy and moving therapy classes.very individual will have their own physical and emotional needs in a yoga practice. Heal Hips, Shoulders, Backs and Legs. 

Yoga  practice is a personal yoga practice that helps you move away from pain, stiffness, aliments. Even while doing the same practice we are each get different benefits from the poses.The class plans are designed in a very special way to get you to discover how to move through area of trouble, breath into freedom and fin balance in you body, breath and mind. By following the 8 limbs of yoga and finding your healing path. 

It’s a magical mystical natural healing.

In therapeutic Yoga you will be able to work through your back problem, or perhaps a shoulder injury or maybe an addiction? Each person in the class will benefit from the practice.

Therapeutic Yoga naturally produces positive results for people — physically, mentally and spiritually, without conscious effort on the part of the teacher. It s your own practice to receive and your own body to give to the practice. Effortlessly following a path of your own energy.

What is the Differnece Yoga TEACHER Yoga THERAPIST?

A yoga teacher is tasked with teaching yoga which is often taught within a certain system. flow, yin, Astanga, relaxation ect., as examples. Yoga teachers are often trained to teach yoga classes that are primarily a physical practice. Classes that are taught in gyms , hot yoga studios, and spa like atmosphers. These class has little reference to your personal healing and journey , it is a general a practice for everyone in the room.Therapeutic yoga will keep aligning you with your journey and specialize in directing your journey towards healing. 

In Yoga Therapy we focus on how we can help you?
A yoga therapist has a tasked to applying yoga techniques for specific health conditions. A yoga therapist is  trained in both the techniques (asana, pranayama, chanting, philosophy or point of view and meditation) and the therapeutic applications of these techniques. A yoga teacher in most cases teaches yoga poses and sequences creating a yoga experince. 

A yoga therapist—like anyone in the health field—has knowledge of the conditions they are working with. Yoga therapists are trained to look at health conditions through a yoga therapy lense, as well as assess from a healing perspective.