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Rosemarie Bartschak 

I grew to love yoga through many years of passion in my own practice. 

I  practiced for many years searching to find solutions for my own alignments, and using yoga to help relief the discomfort and pain ?  As a professional Fitness Instructor I was always tight and sore from injury or workouts. I used yoga to find balance and freedom and happiness in my own body. It was working and I found that incredible and can not live without the practice in my life. 

I soon graduated  in Sattva yoga as a Sattva yoga teacher and a meditation teacher Rameen Preyrow. 

I continued my journey with several other teacher training too.  I discovered Iyengar Style yoga and took a couple of teacher trainings to learn about he science of yoga fro the Alberta Yoga College with Rob Walker and The Yoga college of Canada with Val Petrich.  Here I Learned that alignment and consistency are the key to finding openings in your true self. Then and only then, the healing can occur naturally.

I invite you to my classes and I I will teach you , To Find Happiness, Freedom and Balance.


My name is Vandana Gutpa

My name is Racael Pickel-Hirs