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Discover the benefits of yoga with regular practice of therapeutic yoga sessions. 


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This is where you can start your yoga journey. Learn the poses and how to use props in therapeutic yoga. In this class we will target openings in Hips, Backs, Shoulders, and Legs. 


Restorative: A class with therapeutic healing and relaxation. Most of the class is in a supine/lying or seated pose. A very easy practice which is best for an injured and less mobile participant. Opening of same as Discover for Hips, Legs, Backs, & Shoulders. Also, good for stress, anxiety and restoring.

Restore: Is a Sattva Class with the same openings for Hips, Backs, Shoulders and Legs as a Discover class but without the strength component and standing poses. Healing with prananyama and breath includes meditation. Restore body, breath and mind.

Deep Relaxation by candle light is a yin practice that will balance your energy and leave you relaxed and stress free. Meditation is included. Good for everyone.


Sattva –  A dynamic flowing practice that will move your world inside and outside by flowing the poses and moving the body. A physical practice. The practice is geared toward opening of the meridians and uses intergration lines of awareness in the myofacia tissue to open the body, breath and mind. A must try. Modifications will be used. All levels.

Yoga Flow– Amore traditional class with flowing movements, sun salutations and standing and seated sequences.  A great way to gain strength and balance and flexibility. Very dynamic class. Modifications for everyone. 

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