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Discover Therapuetic Yoga – Begin Here.

As a new practitioner to Therapuetic yoga it is best to start at the Discover Yoga Sessions. The Therapuetic Yoga Session will be using props and other specific techniques that require everyone to know how to use the basic props.

At the discovery stage the instructor will be able to access your needs and direct you to specific targeted practices for your body. This way we can ensure everyone is getting the care they need and the most out of their practice.

HIPS – Therapuetic Yoga

A Therapuetic yoga that focuses on the hips and torso area. There is a lot of stiffness and problems with hip in many practioners in this class. even if you dont have hip problems yet practicing for the hips many be a great preventative therapuetic yoga for keeping the hips open and free. (Must be past acute healing stage with doctors permission.)

BACKS – Therapuetic Yoga

This is a Therapuetic Yoga session focusing of the back. Yoga releases will be designs to open the lower , middle and upper back.  A very restorative class. With little or no standing poses. Most of the class is supine and well supported by props.

SHOULDER & NECK – Therapuetic Yoga

A class focusing on the stiffness in Shoulders, Neck and Upper body. A Gentle Restore class for all practioners to attend. Mobility is the key to wellbeing and moving through very simple stretches to gain mobility in the physical body gains mobility in the physical mind. Meditation and Nidra class.

MYO/FACIA RELEASE – Rad Roller -Therapuetic Yoga

A yoga class for recovery. We will be rolling on rad rollers and doing a yoga practice. A very mindfull slow paced class giving time to roll into the experience of self healing. Candlelight, music meditative class.