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Therapeutic Yoga is a traditional yoga  practice that is geared towards finding balance for the body, breath and mind in a therapeutic way. We use unique sequences that are designed to target areas of the body which will help to heal imbalances, stiffness and injury.In a therapeutic yoga session the teacher guides you through the practice and will adjust the practice with props to help you achieve maximum results from the yoga poses.Yoga is practice that you can do for yourself and it is in your body that you can receive the benefits that yoga gives to you. Following the road to an effortless place with your own energy.

What to expect: In the therapeutic yoga session you will be accessed at the time you sign up with. The instructor will help you work through your problems.You can start with a Gentle Yoga Discover Class to learn how to use the props and do therapeutic yoga. You may also want to go to a specialty class for backs, Hips, Shoulders. The specialty workshop are specific to that area.

We have high quality equipment and can make everyone in the room comfortable in the practice. This is what make us so special and unique. The more comfort we can get in the pose the longer you can hold the pose for maximum results. The props also can help target certain areas of the body by attuning into certain areas of the body.

We have classes for Adults, women, Older, Less flexible, kids, Youth, Mom and kids, Mom and baby, rental and special needs; as well as, private sessions.

I could barely walk, sit or stand when I found my way into therapeutic yoga sessions. I had been to other yoga classes but it was only in this type of class that I had gotten real help with my issues.
Sophie Grant
I got sent for an MRI and my results showed a bulging disk and a herniated disk. Therapeutic yoga sessions solved all my back pains. I can't believe what an improvement it has been. I can sleep through a whole night without pain.
James Stinger
The teachers at therapeutic yoga are wonderful. Now I can come back to all my favorite sports activities and drag my husband to whatever jogging marathons are available locally.
Amy Winter