Professional Therapy Session

Therapeutic Poses for Spine, Muscle & Joint Care, Endocrine issues & Rehabilitation.

Private Sessions provide innovative, hands on solutions to eliminate pain. The therapists’ combine years of experience and training to aid you in your healing journey.

Private Yoga Sessions geared to your ailments. One on One guided practice is given in studio. Book an appointment to  get started today!

Stop the pain

The best care is on your side

Props & Equipment

We provide all the required props and and needed tools for the practice

Personal Treatment

Our Teachers and Therapists offer personal care geared to each individuals needs.

Focused Care

We honour our students and vow to give each individual the care they need based on specific issues and ailments.

Sacred Space

We provide a safe and non judgmental space to honour all.

Clients share their experience

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We would love to see how we can help you solve your neck and back problems in the best pain free methods